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What to Pack
Cruise prep
  • What is the first step in becoming a travel advisor with your company?
    We recommend checking out our blog section dedicated to "Life as a Travel Advisor"! Dive into articles that highlight the exciting rewards and challenges you'll experience on this journey. Once you're ready to take the next step, head over to our website and submit your application!
  • What does the application process involve?
    Our application will give you a chance to tell us why you're passionate about travel and a good fit for our team. You'll be asked about your travel experience, customer service skills, and overall goals. We might also schedule a quick call to chat and get to know you better.
  • Do I need any prior travel industry experience?
    While experience is always valuable,enthusiasm and a willingness to learn are key! We offer comprehensive training and mentorship programs to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed.
  • What are the travel perks and benefits associated with being an associate advisor?
    As part of our team, you'll enjoy exclusive travel discounts, special industry events, and the opportunity to experience amazing destinations first-hand.
  • What are the startup costs involved in joining your team?
    We offer a streamlined onboarding process with a one-time fee of $199.95. This covers your credentialing, access to educational resources, marketing materials, and supplier networking opportunities.
  • Are there any monthly fees after the initial startup cost?
    Yes, there's a monthly fee of $25 to maintain your active status and ensure everything runs smoothly. This includes continuous updates to your credentials, access to our online marketing resources, and ongoing supplier connections.
  • What exactly do I get for the startup fee?
    With your initial investment, you receive: * **Seamless onboarding and credentialing:** We handle the paperwork and registrations, saving you time and hassle. * **Comprehensive educational support:** Access valuable training materials, industry insights, and expert guidance to jumpstart your travel business. * **Professional marketing materials:** Leverage pre-designed marketing tools and templates to promote your services effectively. * **Extensive supplier network:** Connect with reputable travel suppliers and build valuable partnerships for booking diverse travel options.
  • What does the monthly fee cover?
    Your monthly contribution ensures: * **Up-to-date credentials:** We maintain your certifications and licenses, keeping you compliant and competitive. * **Ongoing access to marketing resources:** Continuously benefit from our library of marketing materials and promotional tools. * **Uninterrupted supplier connections:** Maintain your relationships with key travel suppliers, ensuring access to their latest offerings.
  • Transparency and Value:
    We believe in transparent pricing and providing exceptional value for your investment. While the initial startup fee and monthly fee cover essential services, it's important to remember that building a successful travel business also requires your dedication, marketing efforts, and client acquisition strategies.
  • Why choose Cruise Craze 360 to launch your travel advisor career?
    We get it! As an aspiring travel advisor, you have options. Here's why we believe Cruise Craze 360 is the perfect match for you: Transparency & Ethics: No MLMs: We operate as a legitimate travel agency, not an MLM. This means: Focus on client bookings: Your income comes from selling travel, not recruiting others. No inventory purchase pressure: You won't be required to buy expensive travel packages upfront. Sustainable income potential: Earn based on your sales performance, not a pyramid scheme. Ethical Travel: We prioritize responsible tourism practices, aligning with fair trade, human rights, and animal welfare values. Your success goes hand-in-hand with making a positive impact. Support & Empowerment: Industry-leading commission splits: Enjoy a competitive commission structure that rewards your hard work. Comprehensive training & resources: We provide the tools and knowledge you need to excel as a travel advisor. Dedicated support team: Get personalized guidance and assistance whenever you need it. Collaborative community: Connect and learn from experienced travel advisors in our supportive network. Beyond the Shady Stuff: We understand some travel agencies use deceptive tactics to attract advisors. Here's what you won't find at Cruise Craze 360: Unrealistic income promises: We offer a transparent view of earning potential based on your effort and skill. Hidden fees & costs: Our fees are clear and affordable, with no surprises. Pressure to recruit: Your focus is on selling travel, not convincing others to join our team. Joining us means becoming part of a passionate community committed to ethical, sustainable travel and your success. Ready to explore the possibilities? Contact us today!
  • Do I need to sign a contract to be a travel agent with you?
    Yes, all our travel agents sign an independent contractor agreement that outlines the terms of our partnership. This agreement helps protect both you and us, ensuring clarity and mutual understanding of our expectations and responsibilities.
  • Why do you require a contract?
    The contract serves several important purposes: Defines the relationship: It establishes you as an independent contractor, not an employee. This clarifies legal and tax implications. Outlines responsibilities: It details your responsibilities as a travel agent, including booking processes, client communication, and marketing efforts. It also outlines our responsibilities, such as providing training, support, and technology. Sets expectations: It specifies commission structures, payment schedules, and performance expectations. This transparency helps avoid misunderstandings and ensures everyone is on the same page. Protects both parties: It outlines dispute resolution procedures and indemnification clauses, minimizing potential legal issues.
  • What information does the contract cover?
    The contract typically covers various aspects of our partnership, including: Independent contractor status: Clarifies your independent business ownership and responsibility for self-employment taxes. Commissions and payments: Describes your commission structure, payout schedules, and any relevant fees or deductions. Performance expectations: Outlines targets, sales goals, and other indicators of successful collaboration. Marketing and branding: Establishes guidelines for how you represent our agency and market travel services. Technology and resources: Details access to booking platforms, training materials, and other support tools. Term and termination: Defines the duration of the agreement and outlines procedures for potential termination. Confidentiality and intellectual property: Protects sensitive information and intellectual property rights of both parties. Disputes and indemnification: Specifies how to resolve disagreements and clarifies liability protections.
  • Can I negotiate the terms of the contract?
    While we have a standard contract template, we are open to discussing specific terms that may be relevant to your experience and qualifications. Please feel free to bring any questions or concerns to our attention during the onboarding process. Remember: We encourage you to read the contract carefully and seek independent legal advice if needed before signing. We are committed to transparency and building a strong, mutually beneficial partnership with our travel agents.
  • What are the steps involved in forming an LLC?
    Each state has slightly different requirements, but generally, you'll need to select a business name, file formation documents, obtain an EIN, and comply with ongoing reporting and tax obligations. Consider using online legal services or consulting with an attorney for guidance.
  • What are the ongoing costs of maintaining an LLC?
    Expect annual fees for maintaining your LLC with the state, as well as potential registered agent fees and accounting costs. Consult your accountant and legal professional for accurate estimates.
  • Are there tax benefits to forming an LLC?
    LLCs typically file taxes as pass-through entities, meaning business profits and losses pass through to your personal tax return. Consult with a tax professional to understand how this would impact your specific situation. Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only and should not be considered legal or tax advice. Please consult with qualified professionals for personalized guidance related to your specific situation.
  • How do travel advisors get paid?
    Travel advisors, including those here at Cruise Craze 360, primarily earn income through commissions. This means you receive a percentage of the total booking value from various travel suppliers like airlines, hotels, cruise lines, and tour operators.
  • What is your commission split?
    We operate on a transparent and industry-standard 70/30 commission split. This means that as an Associate Advisor, you will keep a generous 70% of the commission earned on every completed booking. We retain a 30% service fee to cover operational costs, provide ongoing support, and invest in resources and tools that empower your success.
  • Is this commission split common?
    Absolutely! The 70/30 split is a widely recognized model across the travel industry. In fact, many agencies offer even lower splits for advisors. We believe this structure strikes a fair balance, ensuring you receive the majority of the commission you earn while allowing us to maintain and improve the platform and support services that benefit all our advisors.
  • Why do you use this 70/30 split?
    Here's a breakdown of how the 30% service fee benefits you: Technology and tools: We invest in top-notch booking platforms, marketing software, and training resources to make your job easier and more efficient. Expert support: Our dedicated team provides comprehensive training, ongoing coaching, and personalized assistance whenever you need it. Marketing and branding: We leverage our strong industry presence and marketing efforts to generate leads and boost your visibility, putting you in front of potential clients. Compliance and legal: We handle all the complex legal and regulatory requirements, allowing you to focus on what you do best - creating amazing travel experiences for your clients. By investing in these areas, we create a thriving environment where our advisors can flourish and build successful careers. Ultimately, your success is our success, and we believe this commission split fosters a mutually beneficial partnership.
  • Will I be an employee or an independent contractor?
    You will be an independent contractor, not an employee, when working with us. This means you have the freedom and flexibility to manage your own schedule and business operations. However, it also means you are responsible for your own taxes, self-employment taxes, and securing any desired benefits like health insurance.
  • What does being an independent contractor mean for me?
    As an independent contractor, you have: * **Greater control over your schedule and workload.** * **The ability to work from anywhere with an internet connection.** * **Tax deductions for business expenses.** * **Responsibility for managing your own taxes and self-employment taxes.** * **Responsibility for securing your own health insurance and other benefits.**
  • Do you offer health insurance or other benefits to independent contractors?
    Unfortunately, we do not offer health insurance or other employee benefits to independent contractors. As a self-employed individual, you have the flexibility to choose and pay for your own benefits based on your needs and budget.
  • How do I earn money as an independent contractor with your company?
    You will earn income through commissions on travel bookings you generate. We offer a competitive commission structure and the potential for unlimited earnings based on your performance and dedication.
  • What resources do you offer to help me succeed as an independent contractor?
    We provide comprehensive training programs, ongoing support, marketing tools, and access to exclusive travel discounts. You'll also be part of a vibrant community of fellow independent contractors for peer-to-peer learning and collaboration.
  • Where can I learn more about being an independent contractor?
    Several resources can help you understand independent contractor rights and responsibilities: * U.S. Department of Labor: <invalid URL removed>: <invalid URL removed> * IRS Independent Contractor Self-Employment Tax Center: []( []( Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only and should not be considered legal or tax advice. Please consult with qualified professionals for personalized guidance related to your specific situation.
  • Do I have Control of My Own Brand & Business?
    Ready to launch your dream career in travel? Cruise Craze 360 offers two exciting options to help you chart your course: Option 1: Independent Agent - Build Your Own Brand Chart your own destiny: Be your own boss: Develop your unique brand and business name, reflecting your personality and passion. Full creative control: Design your ideal client experience, crafting websites, marketing materials, and packages that set you apart. Independent spirit: Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of building your business at your own pace. Cruise Craze 360 provides the rocket fuel: Comprehensive training: Gain the knowledge and skills to excel in the industry through our expert-led programs. Credentialing support: Navigate the licensing and certification process with our dedicated guidance. Technology toolkit: Leverage powerful tools and resources to streamline your operations and enhance client service. Please note: This option is suitable for most applicants who desire independence and entrepreneurial freedom. Option 2: Cruise Craze 360 Agent - Join the Team Be part of something bigger: Established brand: Represent a recognized name in the travel industry, leveraging the trust and reputation of Cruise Craze 360. Standardized excellence: Uphold our shared mission and ethics, ensuring a consistent and exceptional client experience. Collaborative community: Network with a supportive team of fellow agents, benefiting from shared knowledge and resources. Cruise Craze 360 empowers your success: Pre-built brand materials: Utilize our established brand identity and marketing support to hit the ground running. Proven sales strategies: Benefit from our expertise and adopt time-tested techniques to drive sales. Dedicated account management: Receive personalized support and guidance from a designated mentor. Please note: This option requires specific qualifications and is discussed in detail during the interview process. No matter which path you choose, you'll receive: Industry-leading training: Invest in your future with comprehensive programs designed to propel your career. Unwavering support: Our team is dedicated to your success, providing ongoing guidance and resources. Endless opportunities: Explore diverse travel niches, specialize in your passion, and build a fulfilling career. At Cruise Craze 360, we believe in empowering your travel dreams. Contact us today to discuss which option best suits your aspirations and embark on your journey to success!
  • Do You Need Computer Experience to Become a Travel Advisor?
    Yes, computer experience is essential for becoming a successful travel advisor. While formal education may not be mandatory, strong digital skills are crucial for navigating the industry's technology-driven landscape.
  • What kind of computer experience do travel advisors need?
    A: You'll be using various complex software and online platforms daily, requiring proficiency in: Reservation systems: Mastering Global Distribution Systems (GDS) like Sabre or Amadeus allows you to compare flights, hotels, and other travel components instantly. Booking engines: Understanding online booking tools for airlines, hotels, and tour operators helps you navigate specific functionalities and find the best deals. Email and communication: You'll communicate with clients, suppliers, and colleagues primarily through email. Strong email etiquette and writing skills are essential. Industry-specific software: Many travel agencies use specialized software for marketing, accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), and more. Being comfortable learning new software is key.
  • Why are problem-solving skills important alongside computer experience?
    Technology can be unpredictable, and issues like flight cancellations or booking errors are inevitable. Your ability to think critically, troubleshoot problems, and find solutions quickly is crucial for client satisfaction and smooth operations.
  • How extensive should my computer experience be?
    While the level can vary depending on the agency and your specific role, it's safe to say moderate to advanced computer skills are desired. Familiarity with different operating systems, strong typing speed, and the ability to learn new software quickly will put you ahead.
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