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Finding Your Go Port Counter at Orlando International Airport

Ah, Orlando International Airport – a bustling gateway to sunshine, theme park thrills, and, of course, magical cruise adventures! But amidst the excitement, finding your way to your transportation can feel like navigating a pirate's treasure map. Fear not, fellow cruisers! This guide will help you locate your Go Port counter with ease, ensuring a smooth transition from touchdown to ship deck.

Step 1: Landing at MCO

As your plane touches down at Orlando International Airport (MCO), take a deep breath of Florida air and prepare for your cruise adventure. Remember your terminal: Go Port operates primarily out of Terminal A on Level 1.

Step 2: Follow the Go Port Signs

Once you've cleared customs and collected your luggage, keep an eye out for those friendly Go Port signs. They'll be your guiding beacons, leading you towards your transportation bliss.

Go Port signs at MCO airport

Step 3: Homeward Bound? Look Up!

If you're returning from your cruise and returning to the airport via Go Port, the process is just as simple. After disembarking and collecting your luggage, head towards the designated Go Port meeting area. Look for their brightly colored tents or kiosks – they'll be hard to miss!

Go Port meeting area at Port Canaveral

Step 4: Check In and Relax

Locate the friendly Go Port counter staff, easily identified by their bright uniforms and welcoming smiles. They'll check you in, confirm your details, and answer any questions you might have. Feel free to ask about shuttle times, parking options, or even recommendations for the best churros at Disney World (we won't judge!).

MCO airport

Step 5: Board and Enjoy the Ride!

Once checked in, relax and wait for your designated Go Port shuttle. Their comfortable and spacious vehicles will whisk you away to your destination, whether it's the glistening expanse of Port Canaveral or your cozy airport hotel.

Go Port shuttle at MCO airport

Bonus Tip: Download the Go Port app for real-time shuttle tracking and updates. It's like having a personal cruise director in your pocket!

With these simple steps, finding your Go Port counter at MCO will be a breeze. So, grab your flip flops, sunscreen, and sense of adventure, and let Go Port guide you to the start of an unforgettable cruise experience!

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