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A Guide To Virgin Voyages Terminology

Embarking on a Virgin Voyage is a unique experience, filled with innovative concepts and a fresh take on traditional cruising. One of the standout features of a Virgin Voyage is its use of distinctive nautical terminology, setting it apart from other cruise lines. In this blog post, we'll explore the new lingo and terminology used by Virgin Voyages and how it differs from that of other cruise lines.

Sailor, Not Passenger

The first thing you'll notice when you step on board a Virgin Voyage ship is that you're referred to as a "sailor" rather than a "passenger." This deliberate choice reflects Virgin Voyages' mission to foster a sense of community and adventure among its guests. By embracing the title of "sailor," you become part of a seafaring family, united by the spirit of exploration and discovery.

Sailor Loot, Not Onboard Credit

Instead of traditional onboard credit, Virgin Voyages offers "sailor loot" to its guests. This playful term embodies the brand's irreverent and fun-loving approach to cruising. Whether you use your sailor loot for a spa treatment, specialty dining, or a unique shore excursion, it's a reminder that your voyage with Virgin Voyages is all about rewarding yourself and indulging in new experiences.

Sea Terrace, Not Balcony

Virgin Voyages has reimagined the traditional cruise ship balcony by dubbing it the "sea terrace." This term reflects the company's commitment to creating a fresh, modern cruise experience. Your sea terrace is not just a place to enjoy ocean views—it's an extension of your living space, designed for relaxation and taking in the beauty of the sea.

The Terminal, Not the Port

When you arrive at the embarkation point for your Virgin Voyage, you'll be welcomed to the "terminal" rather than the "port." This terminology emphasizes the modern, sophisticated approach that Virgin Voyages brings to the cruising experience. The terminal serves as your gateway to the adventure that awaits on board, setting the stage for a voyage that's anything but ordinary.

The Red Room, Not the Theater

Virgin Voyages' onboard entertainment venue is known as the "Red Room," a departure from the conventional term "theater." This unique name reflects the company's commitment to redefining entertainment at sea. From immersive experiences to live performances, the Red Room embodies the spirit of creativity and innovation that defines the Virgin Voyages experience.

As you prepare for your upcoming voyage with Virgin Voyages, familiarizing yourself with the distinctive terminology used by the company can enhance your anticipation and excitement. Whether you're a seasoned cruiser or new to the world of cruising, the language of Virgin Voyages invites you to approach your journey with a fresh perspective and a sense of adventure.

By embracing the new lingo and terminology of Virgin Voyages, you're primed to embark on a sea-bound adventure that's unlike any other. Bon voyage, fellow sailor!

We hope this blog post provides you with valuable insights as you prepare for your Virgin Voyage. If you have any questions or want to share your own experiences with the unique terminology of Virgin Voyages, feel free to reach out and join the conversation!

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