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Get Ready to Rock and Glow on Carnival Cruise Lines!

Calling all neon enthusiasts, air guitarists, and fans of unforgettable music! Carnival Cruise Lines' 80s Rock-N-Glow Party is a must-attend event for anyone setting sail on a Carnival cruise. This electrifying deck party transcends generations, bringing together families for a night of pure 80s nostalgia, complete with dazzling lights, infectious energy, and classic hits that will have everyone moving.

Photo Credit Of Emilio Villalobos

A Night for All Ages:

The 80s Rock-N-Glow Party is a unique experience that caters to everyone. Witness the magic of music as grandparents groove to Bon Jovi alongside their kids who are jamming out to Cyndi Lauper. It's a heart-warming and hilarious sight to see little ones mimicking their parents' air guitar moves while belting out the lyrics to Queen's anthems. This party truly proves that good music is timeless and transcends age.

Dress Up and Own the Night:

The 80s Rock-N-Glow Party is your chance to embrace the bold and outrageous fashion of the decade. Dig out your neon leg warmers, tease your hair to epic heights, and don your most dazzling accessories. The more colorful and creative, the better! It's a night to let loose and have fun with your look.

Glow Up Your Outfit:

Photo Credit Of Emilio Villalobos
Cruise Director Lee Mason

While Carnival Cruise Line generously hands out glow sticks to partygoers, you can take your radiance to the next level with some extra flair. Hit up Amazon or your local party store and stock up on glow-in-the-dark face paint, knee-high socks, and extra glow sticks. Imagine rocking out with a neon peace sign painted on your cheek or illuminating the dance floor with your light-up socks!

The Kings of Themed Parties:

Carnival Cruise Line is famous for its themed parties, and the 80s Rock-N-Glow Party is a prime example. The Lido Deck, the ship's outdoor activity center, transforms into a glowing 80s wonderland. Expect themed cocktails, lighting effects that will take you back in time, and a high-energy DJ spinning all your favorite hits from the 80s. Carnival's cruise directors are renowned for their energy and enthusiasm, and Lee Mason is a shining example.  Catch him on the Carnival Celebration, rocking his epic 80s mullet and keeping the party going all night long!

Whether you're a seasoned partier or simply looking for a fun family activity, the 80s Rock-N-Glow Party is a Carnival experience you won't want to miss!

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