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From Groovy to Groovier: Carnival's St. Jude T-Shirts Get a Heartfelt Makeover

Updated: Jan 31

Get ready to shake your tail feather and open your wallet, because Carnival Cruise Line's iconic Groove for St. Jude T-shirts are getting a dazzling upgrade! For years, these tees have been a staple on Carnival ships, bringing joy to passengers while raising crucial funds for the amazing kids at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. But now, hold onto your hats, because the groove just got a whole lot flashier!

Gone are the days of the classic white or grey canvas with its red and blue lettering. Yes, the familiar Carnival logo might still be there, but the main event is pure vibrancy. Picture this: a deep, captivating royal blue background, the very color of hope and boundless fun. Boldly splashed across it, in crisp white letters, are the words "Groove for St. Jude." And to perfectly capture the spirit of giving and love, a bright red heart sits right smack where your own heart beats, a reminder that every groove, every shimmy, every dollar goes straight to supporting those brave kids fighting back against life-threatening diseases.

But this new look isn't just about a splash of color. It's a reflection of the vibrant energy that has always fueled Carnival's partnership with St. Jude. This incredible collaboration, which began in 2010, has seen passengers groove their way to raising over $16 million for the hospital. That's enough to make you want to break out the air guitar and crank up the tunes!

From onboard dance parties to fun fundraising events, Carnival has always found creative ways to turn laughter into hope. And now, with these flashy new t-shirts, they're not just raising money, they're sending a message: that love, joy, and a good boogie can make a world of difference for those who need it most.

Cruise director Lee Mason recently shared a photo wearing a new shirt aboard the Carnival Sunrise. We believe he makes the perfect model! You look very dapper Lee! Follow Him Here!

So next time you hop aboard a Carnival ship, don't forget to grab your new Groove for St. Jude shirt. Wear it with pride, shake it with passion, and remember that every move you make helps write a brighter future for the amazing kids at St. Jude. Because on Carnival, it's not just about the waves, it's about the grooves, the hearts, and the unwavering spirit of hope that makes every journey truly special.

So let's get groovin', folks! Because when it comes to helping kids at St. Jude, every beat counts!

Photo credit lee mason

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