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Beware the Quackery: Duck Scam Targets Carnival Cruise Fans on Facebook

Beware the Quackery: Duck Scam Targets Carnival Cruise Fans on Facebook

The high seas may be smooth sailing, but the online waters surrounding Carnival Cruise Facebook groups are getting murky. A cunning scam has surfaced, preying on the well-intentioned enthusiasm of fellow "FunShip" fans. It all centers around the beloved tradition of hiding little rubber ducks aboard Carnival cruises. But before you dive in to "adopt" a lost ducky, be warned: it might be a quack attack!

Here's the Scuba Dooby Doo:

  1. Decoy Deployed: Scammers post pictures of impressive collections of rubber ducks, claiming their Carnival cruise was canceled.

  2. Emotional Anchor: They weave a sob story, expressing a desire to sell the ducks and "spread the cruising joy."

  3. Diving for Dollars: They request interested parties to direct message them, bypassing Facebook's secure payment systems.

  4. Phishing for Treasure: Once in private messages, they lure victims into sharing personal information and credit card details for the "transaction."

  5. No Treasure Found: Unsurprisingly, no ducks are ever delivered, and victims are left financially shipwrecked.

Don't Get Ducked Over!

This scam leverages the emotional connection and trust within the Carnival community. Here's how to avoid getting caught in the net:

  • Verify, Verify, Verify: Never engage in transactions outside of Facebook's secure payment systems.

  • Beware the Barnacle Barnacles: Scrutinize profiles. New or suspicious accounts with few posts or followers are red flags.

  • No Privateering Allowed: Keep all communication within the public group forum.

  • If It Sounds Too Quacky...: It probably is. Trust your gut and report any suspicious activity to the group admins and Facebook.

  • Remember: Carnival will never request personal information through unofficial channels. Contact them directly if unsure.

Spread the Buoyancy, Not the Scam:

By sharing this information with fellow cruisers, we can keep the online waters safe and ensure the rubber ducky tradition continues to bring smiles, not scams. So, remember: share the joy, not your credit card details! Let's keep the "FunShip" spirit afloat, free from scallywags and their quackery.

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